New Beginnings Vocational Program

A New Beginning

Providing students with an academic and vocational education that develops life skills, builds positive self-esteem and fully prepares them for the working world.

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OSSE_LogoNew Beginnings has received a Certificate of FULL APPROVAL on the DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) Specialized Education Nonpublic Schools and Programs List! Certificates of Approval (COA) are issued to nonpublic schools and programs that meet federal and state standards and are regularly monitored to ensure the educational needs of DC students are supported by highly trained professionals in safe, learning environments.

New Beginnings

About Us

At New Beginnings Vocational Program, we offer powerful and effective solutions to the educational and developmental challenges of students with special needs and learning disabilities.

Our mission is to be Washington, D.C.’s go-to provider of special education and vocational services for students age 13 to 21. Our certified and licensed staff teaches hands-on programs in a wide range of academic, vocational and life skills subjects. We nurture and instill in students self-sufficiency, transition skills, entrepreneurship and professionalism (S.T.E.P.) that encourages their achievement of personal goals beyond the program.

Founded in 2007 by Donte Davis, New Beginnings has helped more than 150 students realize their potential and pursue their dreams.

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Who We Are

Meet Our Staff

Our academic staff members are highly qualified and experienced, with certifications in their content area as well as licenses to teach special education. Staff members are also mentors and develop close, supportive relationships with the young people they teach.
What's Happening

Latest News

  • New Beginnings Hosts Beats, Rhymes & Relief Community Event
    As part of BBR’s Calling On Your City campaign, the organization came to New Beginnings to shoot a music video for the Washington, D.C. entry. View pictures and the final video!







The Path to Success

Student Journey

New Beginnings offers specialized, expert instruction to meet the needs of each student. We custom-designed the school building with small classrooms, workshops and simulated real work environments—such as a hair salon and auto shop—to enhance students’ experience.

Class sizes are small to ensure a low student-to-teacher ratio to help students stay engaged and learn better. Our caring staff gives students the right amount of stimulation and personal attention while accommodating their individual learning needs.

Students are supported in every way, but also challenged to do their very best. Every student has support from a staff mentor as well as partners like Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

Students receive an education based on state standards as well as vocational training that targets their interests and prepares them to become certified or licensed for their chosen career field. All of our students graduate with a high school diploma, GED or certificate of completion.

But New Beginnings doesn’t stop there…

When students graduate, they receive individual transition assistance, including help with job interviews, job placement, securing housing and other services. Each young person can continue getting our support for one year after they leave the school, to help them successfully transition to the working world.


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New Beginnings offers a comprehensive range of courses, including:

  • English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies
    Students will work with a traditional course of study in the areas of English, math, science and social studies in accordance with DC and federal standards.
  • Auto Mechanics and  Automotive Design
    Students learn automotive design, tool recognition and usage, tune-ups and service, tire identification and services, complete brake service, engine configuration and engine operation (gas and diesel), and shop safety. Students can also learn the basic principles and practices of auto body painting and refinishing through instruction and hands-on experience with equipment and products.
  • Barbering, Hairstyling, Cosmetology
    Students are introduced to barbering, hairstyling and cosmetology professions and learn the basic anatomy and physiology of the scalp. Students develop skills in personal hygiene, sanitation, safety, facials, shampoos, haircutting, and preparation for the board exam.
  • Business Education & Computer Applications
    Students learn basic office skills including bookkeeping, typing, file management and telephone usage. Students also receive a basic introduction to computers, including working with Microsoft Windows and the Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Building Construction
    Students learn entry-level skills in building construction and renovation. This includes wall framing, roofing, hanging drywall and basic plumbing and electrical wiring with an emphasis on shop safety.
  • Life Skills
    Students learn basic employment and social skills that can be applied to independent living. Activities include writing resumes, letters, completing job applications, managing a checkbook and bank account, and interview techniques.


How To


Local education agencies in Maryland and D.C., the Department of Juvenile Services, the Department of Social Services and other agencies refer students to New Beginnings. The admissions process begins when New Beginnings receives a completed application packet, which should include:

  • A completed application
  • The student’s school and medical records
  • Social history report
  • Most recent Individualized Educational Program (IEP)
  • Recent educational evaluations (psychological‐educational assessment, speech language, clinical psychological assessment, etc.)
  • Any additional documentation that provides insight into the student’s present levels of academic and social/emotional functioning

Prospective students who are considered most likely to benefit from enrollment are scheduled for a campus visit and interview. This is the final and most influential step in the admissions decision making process. Prospective students spend an entire day in the program interacting with peers and staff, and have the opportunity to convey their choice to attend New Beginnings.

We will make a final admissions decision within 24 hours of the interview and notify all involved parties of the outcome.

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